Freckle: Bridging The Gulf Between Brands and Consumers

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Neil Sweeney, Founder & CEO, FreckleNeil Sweeney, Founder & CEO
The world today is data-driven, with every brand leveraging user information to glean actionable insights and fuel people-based marketing across each advertising channel. However, many companies often find it challenging to obtain an accurate, real-time feed of consumers at specific store locations despite utilizing different data measurement tactics, such as door counters, security cameras, or data analytics. Added to this, global brands now face pressure to prove the return on investment (ROI) on the capital they spend on media, and its efficiency in driving visits to a location. However, in an ambitious bid to assist brands in measuring their ROI, beef up their marketing impact, and build deeper relationships with their customers, the company Freckle offers a full suite of solutions including privacy-compliant data, footfall measurement, agnostic offline media measurement, and targeting segments.

At its crux, Freckle specializes in providing data management and identity control for customers globally through its consumer-facing mobile application, Killi. The Freckle offline measurement solution determines the effectiveness of media to drive customers to a targeted physical location. “With a vast collection of information pertaining to billions of events from almost 200 million mobile devices generated every month, Freckle can ascertain the number of consumers present at a specific location in real-time,” says Neil Sweeney, founder and CEO of Freckle.

Freckle delivers a vertically integrated solution that allows our clients to get deeper insights into what their customers are doing in a store

The company measures data from every marketing channel, such as desktop, mobile, social media, Google search, TV, radio, and ‘out-of-home’ to determine the most efficient or effective method for augmenting customer retention strategies in a particular store. “Freckle sports a vertically integrated solution powered by Killi that allows our clients to get deeper insights into what their customers are doing in a store,” adds Sweeney.

Killi, a truly global consent management platform for privacy and compliance, differentiates Freckle in the measurement space. Killi’s platform empowers users to take control of their identity by selecting pieces of personal information—age, gender, email address, mobile number, and more—that they want to share with brands in exchange for a direct cash payment from the brands who want to purchase that data. This information, in turn, allows brands to leverage user data with the explicit consent of the consumers who provide it, and glean meaningful insights into customer behavior in order to shape their marketing strategies and tactics. Freckle delivers a comprehensive, privacy-compliant measurement solution amid the emergence of numerous data protection and regulatory laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the pending California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States. The Killi application enables companies to field branded surveys or ask questions to users about the products they purchase (or plan to) in the near future, along with insights into the frequency of their purchases, and more.

Freckle leverages projection algorithms and dual logic to identify the duration of consumer visits in a store and pinpoint customer location. The company’s flexibility to reach deep down in the purchase funnel, along with a robust and compliant dataset, keeps it far ahead of the measurement market curve.

Freckle looks forward to broadening its geographical footprint in APAC and Europe in 2019, as well as adding individual purchase-based information onto its media measurement solution stack as well. Also, in the company’s future are plans to launch the Killi application in even more countries.